6 Week Online Course 


From Unsure To Physician Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a practicing physician with a brilliant business idea or looking to transition away from clinical medicine toward an exciting new entrepreneurial career, our Six Week Program will provide the framework to guide you from concept to launch … and beyond.


Week 1 – Mind-shifts and Obstacles

The first week is focused on overcoming obstacles that we, as physicians, have placed in front of ourselves and that others have placed in front of us.  

Week 2 – Personal Goals, Interests and Market readiness 

During week 2 we will begin to actively explore how you can advance your career by matching your passions with market trends. We’ll cover in-depth emotional, professional, and financial goals, and how they can be woven together to lay out a template for your future success.

Week 3 – Concept Development 

Week 3 will be devoted to individually developing your personal marketability, strategizing about your business ideas, nailing down the most likely route for your success.

Week 4 – Business Infrastructure Implementation

During Week 4 you will be putting the framework of your entrepreneurial or non-clinical opportunities in play through business process development.

Week 5 – Networking

The solidification of your business infrastructure, along with your network outreach will take place during Week 5.

Week 6 – Launch Preparation

As unbelievable as it may seem, depending on your offering, you may be able to launch in just 6 weeks. If you choose not to, that’s perfectly alright. Not all clients are ready in just 6 weeks. Just know that support, hard work and dedication can get you to the point of success in a very short amount of time.